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Visor, Wood - Santos Palisander

Santos Palisander (Dalbergia nigra) belongs to the family Dalbergia. The colour ranges from white, yellow to chocolate and purple brown. It has irregular black stripes. This wood has a strong, sweet smell that will last for many years. With its strength, hardness, stability, beauty and acoustic properties, it's easy to see why Dalbergia nigra is used for everything from flooring to xylophone keys.

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35.00 €
Type Brim

ČAPICA This tempting model will delight all women. One of the most valuable woods from faraway exotics combined with pink is what you want to wear. ČAPICA is the only Slovak brand producing caps with various REMOVABLE wooden peaks. The cap is made of veneer (while the outer wood is always ornamental), has optimal bending and flexibility, so that the cap is comfortable to wear. The woody plant is treated with natural wax and varnish against the sun, wind and fine abrasion. 

By purchasing this cap, you are supporting the eco-friendly community, as the leather and wood consumed in the production of this cap would end up as waste in most manufacturing processes!

The cap is a handmade product from our coveted workshop.

  • wood: Santos Palisander
  • Cap thickness: 2.8 mm

Warranty: 2 years

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