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51.90 €
Light colouring of the veneer of wood Ash and its delicate drawing in conjunction with a cream top. If you like minimalism and bright colours, this is the most harmonious link between these two attributes.
51.90 €
Cheerful colours of emerald green with beautiful olive wood will brighten up your usual outfit. Olive has one of the most beautiful markings. Wood contains brown stripes that contrast attractively with yellow stripes....
21.90 €
CORK EDITION This unique novelty is unique in its category. The interesting appearance and precise execution of the two materials makes this model a bestseller. In the past, cork was used exclusively for the...
30.00 €
Wooden visor The bumpy oak, the so-called English or European oak (Quercus robur), is light to medium brown, sometimes called "cat's paw" oak, it is named because of the numerous small bumps. One of England's most...
30.00 €
Wooden visor Olive (O. capensis) has one of the most beautiful drawings and is used for exquisite decoration and high-end furniture. Wood contains brown stripes that contrast attractively with yellow stripes. It...
35.00 €
Santos Palisander (Dalbergia nigra) belongs to the family Dalbergia. The colour ranges from white, yellow to chocolate and purple brown. It has irregular black stripes. This wood has a strong, sweet smell that will...
30.00 €
Zebrano comes from the tropical tree Berlinia brazzavillensis, widespread in equatorial Africa. It is a very hard and very heavy wood. The coloring of the wood goes from orange to dark brown, while the structure of...
30.00 €
The American black walnut (Juglans Nigra) is native to the eastern part of the USA. The wood of the black walnut is characterized by a dark grey-brown colour in the core and bright pale white in ivory shades.
49.00 €
Wooden visor Ziricotte Palisander (lat. Cordia dedocandra), also called zirikote or syrikote, is a tree that grows in Central America, on the islands of the Caribbean, of the genus Cordia of the Burachnikovye family...
30.00 €
Wooden visor Copper oak - Oak wood has been one of the most demanded since ancient times. Its whitefly, as well as its core, has a typical light brown colour. The wood is circularly porous with distinct and regular...
30.00 €
Wooden visor the Ash - (Juglans Nigra) is native to the eastern part of the USA, it is typical for its dark to purple core colour with frequent coloration to white to grey. According to statistics, it manages to...
20.00 €
Do you want to make someone happy by buying a cap or other products from our e-shop? But would you like to leave the choice to the recipient? By purchasing a gift voucher, you have no worries.
24.90 €
ČAPICA is the first Slovak brand in Czechoslovakia to produce caps mainly with a wooden peak! The cap is designed for our appliqués, but you can also make your own, the cap and forehead are covered with Velcro...
25.00 €
COMBINE YOUR CAP !!! Choose a separate top according to your taste and combine it with any wooden peak that you can find on our website.
30.00 €
Wooden visor Elm - can live up to 400 years in the rainforests and it  has one of the brightest colors among it´s tree family in Slovakia. Elm strongly resembles to Ash, also the wood is heavy in weight and very hard.
40.00 €
Wooden visor Macassar - is a type of ebony from the Diospyros Celebica tree, widespread in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. It is a black wood with brown to honey veining. It is elegant, durable and polishes well.