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51.90 €
Cheerful colours of emerald green with beautiful olive wood will brighten up your usual outfit. Olive has one of the most beautiful markings. Wood contains brown stripes that contrast attractively with yellow stripes....
Šiltovka mi sedí veľmi dobre, pekná práca, vkusné balenie
Kúpil som už 3. šiltovku, no čierna je absolutný brutál.
I'm so impressed! They fit so well and are not too difficult. So I'm in love with the look I feel are very flattering
I am 100% satisfied! The cap is very nice, the seller is very friendly. I will be happy to buy again in this shop!
The packaging, materials, attention to detail and overall quality of craftsmanship is stunning. The method is fixing the brim on a velcro strip is pure genius and there's even a hidden little pocket inside.
Love the cap! Quality item, love that the peak is removable via a velcro strip. Clearly this was made with wearing it in mind 👍 also arrived super quickly! Very happy 😊
The engraving looks amazing and gives the ability of adding a personal touch.
This hat is killer. The wood brim is thick and sturdy, unlike some other wood brimmed hats I have. I was able to mock up a design I wanted burned into the cap, and the shop owner was very nice and assisted me with placement/size. Everything about the transaction was amazing and I would definitely order again. 10/10
Krásne kšiltovky, kšilt se neláme !
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